Shani, Jeff, and Jasmine & Logan live in their home in lovely Victoria, BC. Their sweet cat Toffee can be seen roaming the property. The house has an English Cottage look about it, but enter the front door and you’ll soon find the interior has many surprises.

The dining room is back in use, formerly a holding space for a kitchen reno in progress. It’s newly ebony stained floor breathes young life into the old room. The kitchen has completed it’s renovations. Shiny, functional, fabulous. Make your way to the back and there you’ll step into the Huki Lounge. Bamboo matting adorns the ceiling, where many lamps and floats are suspended. The lighting is dim, but not too dim to hide the mugs that line the walls, and the eleven foot banana tree that looks scarily real. The bamboo and wood desk holds two computers, on top a multi-tiered shelf containing more mugs and other such Polynesian Pop treasures. A large WITCO bar has been added, it begs to have cocktails laden with all too precariously perched flaming garnishes made on it’s wooden dragon top.

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