Daughters and Spiders

26 08 2010

Wolf Spider

Last night I was about at the end of my rope, hauling my 3 year old daughter to her bedroom for the umpteenth timeout of the day, when all of a sudden I spot this giant wolf spider on the wall right above her bedroom door!

I accidentally swore to myself, then ran her into the living room. Somehow I managed to catch the thing in a jar and seal the lid on tight. That was so frightening, but it provided a great mental break and comedic interruption of an otherwise rotten day. Composing myself, I called DD into the kitchen for a little spider show and tell. I don’t want her to be afraid of them like I am, so now that it’s safely in a jar we could both take a close look at the thing. I appreciate her innocent fascination.

Jasmine turns 10 months

14 04 2008

Ok, so I know it’s silly to celebrate a monthly birthday.

From the time babies are born we count the days they’ve been here. It starts with days, progresses to weeks, then on to months. It seems to stay at months for far too long. ‘Little Sally is 23 months old!’ Well whoop de frickin’ doo! I’m 357 months old! After kids reach the age of 1, ages should be given by year only. One and a half or whatever is acceptable. When Jasmine turns a year I’m going to attempt to refrain from this ridiculous habit.

Until then, Happy 10 month Birthday Jasmine!

My Worst Nightmare

14 04 2008

Last night I dreamt that I was shopping in a local mall. I put Jasmine in her stroller without strapping her in. I turned around to look at something on a table, and when I turned back she was gone. The panic and rage I felt were unreal. I was terrified and more angry than I’ve ever been in my life. I stormed the mall looking for her. Gazing accusingly at passersby holding babies, checking to see if each one was her.

I’ve had many lucid dreams in the past. This time I wished to myself that it was a dream, thinking that my emotions were so strong, it must be real.

It reminded me of Michael Dunahee who disappeared from Victoria back in 1991, and was never found. It can happen to anyone. Keep a close eye on your children, and hug them tight at night. I never want to feel that kind of pain in real life.