Let’s Make Some Concord Grape PIE!

25 04 2008

I made these pies back in September of 2006. To celebrate the start of my recipes section, here’s the photographic adventure in annual Concord grape pie bake!

Today I decided to make some Concord Grape Pies. I first discovered this tasty treat last year when trying to figure out what to do with all the grapes in the back yard. The year we bought the house we attempted wine, but it turned out to be too acidic. Here’s the label I made in illustrator:
Baby Gull Wine

Unfortunately my dog likes to eat everything edible in the back yard, and apparently grapes can do some major kidney damage to the canine family. So we found a simple recipe online. It uses grapes, lemon juice(I used lime today, since I of course had a spare one in the fridge) sugar, flour, a dab of butter and a pinch of salt.

I picked all the grapes that were left.

Picked Concord Grapes

I dumped them into a sink full of cool water and removed them from their stems, quite the grape orgy in there!

Washing Concord Grapes

Then the skins get removed from the innards. A simple yet time consuming job. (did you know that all grapes are white inside, only the skins contain the pigment?)

Naked Concord Grapes

The nekked grapes are brought to a boil.

Cooking Concord Grapes

Then put through a food mill to remove the seeds.

Concord Grapes in the Food Mill

Then they go back with the skins and the dry ingredients are added.

Dry Ingredients Added

And then they go into the pie shells! (there’s Gypsy protesting in the background)

Ready to Bake

Heres one fresh baked! Mmmmm… pie – Complete with pie bird(I collect them too)

Fresh Baked Concord Grape Pie