Let’s Take A Walk Through Finnerty Gardens

27 04 2008

This past Friday my parents took Jasmine and I for a magical walk through UVic’s famous Finnerty Gardens. The Rhododendrons were in full bloom, as were many other fabulous species.

I last visited with my Grandpa and Grandma Whitbread when I was about 7 years old. I remember picking spent rhodo blooms off the forest floor. I noticed that some were scented, and others were not, and that all Rhododendron flowers were quite sticky. The bright orange ones really caught my eye at the time.

Jasmine slept through most of the walk, but when she did rouse from her snooze, she became infatuated with touching the beautiful blooms. I hope when she’s older she’ll have as much fun in the gardens with her Grammie and Grandpa as I did with mine.

Jasmine turns 10 months

14 04 2008

Ok, so I know it’s silly to celebrate a monthly birthday.

From the time babies are born we count the days they’ve been here. It starts with days, progresses to weeks, then on to months. It seems to stay at months for far too long. ‘Little Sally is 23 months old!’ Well whoop de frickin’ doo! I’m 357 months old! After kids reach the age of 1, ages should be given by year only. One and a half or whatever is acceptable. When Jasmine turns a year I’m going to attempt to refrain from this ridiculous habit.

Until then, Happy 10 month Birthday Jasmine!